5 Best Apps For Your New Mac 2018

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guy’s Now this website was sharing a good stuff for your Mac Os Computers , well now going to tech stuff from them however you’re unwrapping your first Mac, or getting an upgrade and refreshing then you need to some apps for your Mac OS for your New computer then get pics to get started to download some apps for your computer safely .

all people know’s Now a days Mac Os Was using More poeple to Old versions then now you can Something New Apps was Released for your New MAc Os Software here we go to see some better apps for your Mac Os Software To See New to Your Computer And enjoy.

Five Best Apps For New Mac OS:


1. Bear :

This Application Looking For Note Taking app with functionally include apple one this app used by powerful chain linking Notes together.




Now A Days we are using only maximum of numbers using only Photoshop in Mac OS Now Better App to Know Advanced Features in Photoshop But Pixelmater Has Adobe’s image editor features Must Be improved One.


3. Daisy DISK :



Daily We Are Using Hard Disks That’s Have Only For using Spaces and delete it non permanently then Now this Daisy Disk App Used For whats’s taking up of All Your Memory That Clear it out And One Of the Best Mac OS App.





What is Franz? This is the one the best Messaging app for Mac OS Software this app include all messaging App’s like Facebook , Twitter, whats app, telegram , Google Hangout’s ,and add more in apps in single helpful Desktop.


5. Muzzy :


This Muzzy apps Make Use you How when your removing Your Headphone’s now then it’s automatically Paused the music ,Muzzy is a simple app that you a menu bar and it’s functions to loved music this is crating likely most for Mac OS





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