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Hi, All. I guess most of Mobile Game lovers hear and experience Playdead’s INSIDE Game. Initially it was a Paid Game, but now it’s totally Free guys. Go and download have great 2D puzzle Gaming experience. Here i’m gonna share my Playdead’s INSIDE Game experience with you along with Review and Free Downloadable Links for Android Devices and Apple iOS Devices.

Inside is a puzzle platformer. The player character is an unnamed boy who explores a surreal environment presented as a monochromatic 2.5D platform game. The game is dark, with color used sparingly to highlight parts of the environment, and mostly silent, with occasional musical cues. The player controls the boy who walks, runs, swims, climbs, and uses objects to overcome obstacles and progress in the game. The boy gains the ability to control bodies to complete certain puzzles, a mechanic that IGN’s Marty Sliva compared to a similar mechanic in The Swapper. At various points in the game, the player may discover hidden rooms containing glowing orbs. If all the orbs are deactivated during a play-through, the player unlocks the game’s alternate ending.


The boy can die in various ways, such as being shot with a tranquilizer dart, mauled by dogs, ensnared by security machines, blown apart by shockwaves, or drowning. As in the predecessor game Limbo, these deaths are presented realistically and are often graphic. If the character dies, the game continues from the most recent checkpoint.

Since being released on console INSIDE has received many positive reviews from the gaming community and professional critics. It is still a dark, frightening scene, but instead of the monochromatic colors, Playdead’s INSIDE is favored by some other colors, but that also does not make the scene bright.

With 2.5D picture quality, it is simple and not too picky. However, Inside is highly rated by unique gameplay with a meaningful content plot. Join the game, you will be controlling a boy on the road to explore a monochrome and surreal world. Players can control their character by walking, running, swimming, climbing or using anything to pass the game. Inside is the most worthy titles in 2016.

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Editor’s Review : 4.1 / 5



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